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02/10/09 11:34 AM #26    

Missy Geddes Paulin

Sorry I can't make but please post pictures.
All those in favor of having a Class Reunion
back in Sampa let me know!!
Right now I'm living in Curitiba but I would love to see everyone in Sampa.
Take good care all,
Missy Geddes (now Kimberly Paulin)

02/20/09 10:21 AM #27    

Robin Wilson Baker

Anyone up for a yoga class?

02/20/09 05:30 PM #28    

Vivian Hulley Bittencourt

Sharon, what a wonderful job you have done to get everyone together!! Congratulations. I wish I could make it, but will be flying to the U.S. only mid May. Manda um abração para todos. I wish someone from the class of ´71 had some pictures like Dan posted. They are incredible. I am going to post a picture of Sue Burnquist, Susan, and I. We had lunch together last weekend. Parabéns once again Sharon!!

02/24/09 07:25 PM #29    

Eduardo Gentil

I wanted to say to Susan Burnquist, Vivian and Sue Hulley that you are the most adored teachers that my three boys had at Graded!!! I thought they were greatly privileged in having you. But on another note, I just went thru DAnny Waters update and photos! Wow what a treat and his tag lines are just the best. DAn you have been nominated, along with Sharon as MC of our reunion!

02/25/09 12:38 PM #30    

Eduardo Gentil

After Dan Waters fantastic retrospective we have got to get him to come to the reunion!! Lets put some pressure on him, kindly . . . .

02/25/09 07:52 PM #31    


Sharon Crane

He really wants to come. It just depends on a meeting. It's scheduled for May but he's not sure when. His pictures are a real blast from the past. I've had to give him a second profile. Please go to More Dan Waters in class '73.

02/26/09 10:06 AM #32    


Sharon Crane

Dale Stigberg '67 just updated his profile with some great pics. JC is in them. Another blast from the past.

02/26/09 10:50 PM #33    


Sharon Crane

I have finally gotten off my *** and added photos to my profile. I look forward to seeing yours too.

03/03/09 11:45 AM #34    

Chris Young

I've found Warren Simandle, Graded teacher from 1967. He's on the west coast and I'll encourage him to register.That's him driving the old car in the photo on my profile. Anyone remember those " Young Life " retreats?

03/04/09 07:36 PM #35    


Sharon Crane

Please go to the Memory page and add your thoughts. If you have any pictures for any of those that are no longer with us, please send them to me.

03/09/09 12:21 AM #36    

Philip Boling

I know I have cassette tapes of Double Entendre somewhere and I so hope I can get an audio recording of Randy singing Peachy King on this site :)

What's it worth Randy for this too not happen?

03/09/09 09:24 PM #37    


Sharon Crane

Larry Bobbert said that he has a copy of the soundtrack of Oliver. I'm going to get that too. Yay this is coming together in so many different ways!

03/10/09 06:08 PM #38    

Fred Manteghian

Wait, I was in "Oklahoma" which is spelled O - K - L - A - H - O - M - A ... Hope no one is bringing THAT soundtrack!

03/15/09 08:43 PM #39    

Jill Bunge

I located Mark Jones and tried to encourage him and his wife to come to this reunion. If anyone knows mark and would like to email him here it is

jill bunge

ps. his brother tom jones is now a musician who travels to canada and brasil playing and composing music. Goes by the name "Bruce" now. He was in the class of 71

03/15/09 09:12 PM #40    

Wendy Levy

I've found Bill McCorkle! We will be hearing from him, if not in person, via email.

03/19/09 05:02 PM #41    

Gail Buchan Jover

I'm arriving in Miami May 1st at 10:13 am. Am planning on taking the train up to Delray. If anyone is arriving close to that time and would like to ride the train with me, let me know.

Gail (Buchan) Jover

03/21/09 12:59 AM #42    

Jane Stowell Duck

Wait, Chris Young found Warren Simandle? Awesome! If you will give me his contact, I too will urge him. The last time I saw him was after high school in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. I was headed to college. He had married and was living in SF. Paul Lee, Glenn Massingale and I - maybe Willy Williams? - spent the night in his apartment. That was 1968. One of those summers of love! He later divorced, but stayed on the west coast. Kept updated on him through the MacDonalds......then lost track. Funny thing is, I think he is probably 5 or so years older than us!

03/21/09 09:05 AM #43    

Claire Gruppo

To Jim Lynch (didn't we call you Jaime? -- just checking my memory....)

So great to see your photos.

i think photo 48 is my brother Stephen

photo 58 is Bobby Freeland and Conrad Derr

photo 72 is my brother Jimmy

all sooo cute

03/24/09 08:45 PM #44    

Randy Gunter

If you haven't noticed I have posted a set of photos from the Class of 73 Senior play Double Entendre written by Richard Day. I can't believe some of you still remember the songs especially the ones I sang in falsetto! Phil knock your lights out with the cassette. My mom tried years ago to use them to her advantage. When my wife Deborah & I started to get serious my mom thought she could end the relationship by showing Deb photos of yours truly in drag and hearing me sing in falsetto. 31+ years of marriage later Deb and I can attest that she failed.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Florida.

03/27/09 01:35 PM #45    


Sharon Crane

Someone needs to plan something for '73 for Sat. day. I'm swamped. Good idea for the other classes to.

04/04/09 02:07 PM #46    

Cathy Chance Vecchiato


Alegria Alegria_________
Caetano Veloso (1968)

Caminhando contra o vento
Sem lenço, sem documento,
No sol de quase dezembro
Eu vou...

O sol se reparte em crinas
Espaçonaves, guerrilhas
Em Cardinales bonitas
Eu vou ...

Em caras de presidentes
Em grandes beijos de amor
Em dentes, pernas, bandeiras
Bomba e Brigitte Bardot

O sol nas bancas de revista
Me enche de alegria e preguiça
Quem lê tanta notícia
Eu vou ...

Por entre fotos e nomes
Os olhos cheios de cores
O peito cheio de amores vãos
Eu vou ... por que não, por que não?

Ela pensa em casamento
E eu nunca mais fui à escola
Sem lenço, sem documento, eu vou

Eu tomo uma Coca-Cola
Ela pensa em casamento
E uma canção me consola
Eu vou ...

Por entre fotos e nomes
Sem livros e sem fuzil
Sem fome, sem telefone
No coração do Brasil

Ela não sabe, até pensei
Em cantar na televisão
O sol é tão bonito
Eu vou ...

Sem lenço, sem documento
Nada no bolso ou nas mãos
Eu quero seguir vivendo, amor
Eu vou ... por que não, por que não?

04/04/09 02:12 PM #47    

Cathy Chance Vecchiato

ENGLISH VERSION ON THE LEFT/pORGUESE ON THE RIGHT. We did the English version, but they both are bilingual lyrics.

"I want to go back to Bahia" ("Quero voltar pra Bahia" by Paulo Diniz)

To listen to this song, please click here:

Remark: This is an external link. If it's not working, please e-mail me.

"I don't want to stay here" "Eu não quero ficar aqui"
"I want to go back to Bahia" "Eu quero voltar pra Bahia"
Eu tenho andado tão só I've been so lonely
Quem me olha nem me vê Those who look at me cannot see me
Silêncio em meu violão Silence in my guitar
Nem eu mesmo sei porque I don't even know why
De repente ficou frio Suddenly it got cold
Eu não vim aqui para ser feliz I didn't come here to be happy
Cadê o meu sol dourado? Where is my golden sun?
Cadê as coisas do meu país? Where are the things of my country?
"I don't want to stay here" "Eu não quero ficar aqui"
"I want to go back to Bahia" "Eu quero voltar pra Bahia"
Via intelsat eu mando Via ïntelsat I send
Notícias minhas para o Pasquim News to "Pasquim" newspaper
Beijos pra minha amada Kisses to my love
Que tem saudades e pensa em mim Who misses me and thinks of me
"I don't want to stay here" "Eu não quero ficar aqui"
"I want to go back to Bahia" "Eu quero voltar pra Bahia"
Eu não quero ficar aqui I don't want to stay here
Eu quero é voltar lá pra Bahia. What I want is to go back to Bahia

04/08/09 10:04 PM #48    

Dennis Rodrigues

Graded Classes of 1967 – 78 Reunion
A Proposed Programa for the May 1 – 3 Weekend

How many of us will actually be in Delray????

For those of you who are definitely attending the reunion in Delray,
it is critical that, if you have not already done so, you click on the second link
on the left side of this page, called “All Year Reunion”, right below
Classmate Profiles and fill out the form.

Although the information on the form is in some respects redundant
with the information you supplied on your profile, the “All Year Reunion”
forms are our primary confirmation of the number of people who really,
truly will attend. We need to provide fair warning to the venues at which
we will meet. There are more and more of us every day...

To illustrate the conundrum, there are 152 classmates who have said,
in their profiles, that they are attending. This is far more than those
who have filled out forms on the “All Year Reunion” link, where there
are 125 names, including both classmates and their guests. So, again,
if you have not yet done so, please, please fill out your information
at “All Year Reunion”.

We will also prepare name tags based on the confirmed attendees
on the “All Year Reunion” list.

Please note that all events are strictly PYOW – Pay Your Own Way,
so please be considerate of your dining or drinking mates,
carry enough cash and settle your own tabs promptly.

Our host community:

Delray Beach is a charming seaside community with a
well-preserved and vibrant downtown, very walkable to the beach.
It’s a terrific choice for this class reunion. Think of a (very) low key Guarujá.

Lay of the Land:

• The two key thoroughfares in Delray Beach are Atlantic Avenue which runs west to east through downtown and dead-ends on Ocean Boulevard (A1A), which runs north and south along the beach.

• The beach is separated from Ocean Boulevard by sand dunes so you really feel like you are getting away from it all while on the beach.

• Should you chose to go to the beach and would like to have the best chance of meeting up with other Graded-ites on the beach, I recommend using Boston’s on the Beach as a landmark and hanging out in front of it. For a preview of the beach check out Boston’s beach-cam at

• The three hotel properties listed on this web site are all within ¼ mile of each other on Atlantic Avenue or Ocean Boulevard. The Friday evening gathering at Boston’s on the Beach is right next door to the Bermuda Inn on Ocean Blvd, virtually on the corner of Atlantic and Ocean. The two Marriott properties (the Courtyard by Marriott and the Marriott Hotel) are on Atlantic on the first block west of Ocean. The Colony Hotel, a delightful 1925 edifice, immaculately restored, is on the corner of Atlantic and 5th Avenue (aka Federal Hwy). The Gol Restaurant is on Atlantic on the same block as the Colony.


Latest reports are that the Bermuda Inn and Colony are sold out, but the Marriott's have room


Sky Pulford and his wife Susan will be staying at Delray Beach Marriott, 10 North Ocean Boulevard starting Thursday afternoon. If anyone wants to get together Thursday late afternoon for Cocktails in Delray, please email Sky at

A neat suggested venue, on Swinton Blvd just north of Atlantic Ave. is Dada. Check out their web site at . Reservations recommended.


Arrive at your respective hotels, check in, then go for a walk along Atlantic Avenue’s downtown area. There are lovely shops and restaurants and bars of every description. Familiarize yourself with the different venues listed above, walk the waterfront on the Intracoastal Waterway and walk to Boston’s on the Beach.

6 PM – até o ultimo freguês (it actually closes 2 AM if you must know):

Drinks and Dinner at Boston’s on the Beach. Gather on the second story balcony (the Upper Deck) which has a view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Sundown is at about 7:30, so the view should be magnificent. See their web site at

To check out beach conditions and the view from Boston’s, see:


8 AM – 10:00 AM Breakfast at The Colony Hotel. Breakfast is served in the beautiful lobby of this historic hotel. Breakfast is free for Colony Hotel guests, only $10 for all others. A real deal. After breakfast, the lobby of the hotel has a wonderful seating area around the fireplace. Overflow seating available on the veranda bar overlooking Atlantic Avenue. If you are not staying at the Colony but would like to attend, please click here and provide the number in your party so we can advise the hotel of how many to expect.

10:30 – 1:15 PM Unscheduled. Hang out with friends in the lobby or terrace bar of the Colony, sightsee along Atlantic Avenue, walk to the beach, grab some food at one of the eateries along Atlantic. Rotelli’s Pizza, Pasta, Perfect on the same block as The Colony, on the corner, just west of the hotel has a lunch special that includes a bowl of excellent soup, half a hoagie sandwich and a slice of cheese pizza for $6.99

1:15 – 3:45 PM Lady Atlantic Cruise along the intra-coastal waterway. The Lady Atlantic was built in 2007 in Wisconsin (juro!!) and sailed down the Mississippi, through the gulf and around Florida. This mega-yacht can accommodate 150 on three decks and has food and beverages for sale. The Lady Atlantic’s pier is on the intracoastal just off Atlantic Avenue, on the west side of the bridge. The yacht leaves at 1:30 sharp to make it through the pre-determined bridge opening schedule. Cost $21 per person plus any food and beverage you consume. This could be a great way for class groups to spend some time together. If you would like to do this, write to your friends and get organized. You can call 561-243-0686 to book your reservations. If not, its first come, first served. See

3:45 – 5:00 PM Unscheduled. Vire-se. Beach anyone? See note above on recommended beach hang-out location in front of Boston’s.

5:00 - 7:00 PM Hang out at Boston’s by the Sea and enjoy dusk over the Atlantic Ocean

7:00 – 7:30 PM Walk to the Gol restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, just west of The Colony Hotel

7:30 – 10:00 PM Dinner at the Gol Restaurant. This is a Brazilian rodízio style churrascaria with a great salad bar and an all-you-can eat churrasco dinner. If you have not yet done so, please download the Gol Authorization by clicking on the link on the left side of this page, fill it in and fax it to the Gol to secure your seat.

Gol also offers a vegetarian menu for $24.95++. Contact Gol at (561) 272-6565 if you wish to change your reservation. I would suggest calling them and seeing what the vegetarian menu is. It’s not on the website but their contact info is.



• Eat at your own hotel with other hotel mates or friends

• Breakfast at The Colony Hotel. Repeat Saturday breakfast deal for those who would like to get together with a larger group.

• The Lady Atlantic Sunday 10:30 AM sailing serves a wonderful brunch for $30 per person. In case you miss the Saturday sailing this would be a great alternative for a group of friends to have a final meal.



By Dennis G. Rodrigues (1975) and Esther G. Rodrigues (1974)

04/13/09 11:42 AM #49    


Sharon Crane

Thanks Dennis and Esther!

04/13/09 03:19 PM #50    

Shaun Gilmore aka. Merrick

The Lady Atlantic Sail sounds like a great idea...either Saturday or Sunday.

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